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March 2018

I would like to echo the Friends of the Library in my deep gratitude to all who contributed to our recent Chocolate Delight Night. Thank you! 

On Thursday, March 22 at 7pm, we are delighted to welcome Jack Mayer as a Vermont Humanities Council presenter in a program entitled: Weimar Germany and the Rise of the Third Reich. “Defeated, humiliated, and in chaos, Germany after World War l was imperiled by leftist revolution and right-wing violence. Jack Mayer recounts the origin of the Third Reich through the story of Ernst Werner Techow, who was recruited into a clandestine assassination network trying to bring down the fledgling Weimar democracy. Techow participated in the 1922 murder of Foreign Minister Walther Rathenau, the highest ranking Jew in the Weimar Republic. But an offer of forgiveness while on trial for his life set him on a complex journey of redemption.” This program is free, accessible to people with disabilities, and open to the public.

With such a changeable winter, it’s hard to predict what will be happening in March, but remember, mud season brings us closer to spring!

Deborah Lundbech,
Director (802-453-4015)

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