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July 2018

Happy summer, everyone. I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful weather!

Our slogan for this year’s summer reading program is “Libraries Rock” and we will be interpreting that in several different ways throughout the month of July. 

  • On July 3rd at 10am, Mr. K of Exordium will be here to present “Rocks, Part of a Never-Ending Cycle.” It will be a fun and hands on examination of rocks and a lesson on how rocks transform to create other rocks with different properties and characteristics. 
  • On other Tuesdays of the month (check times, as some of them differ) we will be variously decorating and making rubber band guitars, creating album center designs and rock album covers, painting rocks, and welcoming the ever popular Jon Gailmor to the Town gym and listening to him rock out! 
  • Encourage your children to sign up for the summer program - to encourage or to continue their reading pleasure over vacation. There will be treats in store at the end of the summer in addition to the satisfaction of creating their “booklist”. (And of course, the traditional guessing jar with the prize for the closest “guesstimate” will be on display.)

Deborah Lundbech,
Director (802-453-4015)

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