General Operation of the Library

General Responsibilities the Librarian and the Board of Trustees

  1. Following the policies of the Board of Trustees, the Librarian will supervise staff, volunteers and daily operation of the Library.
  2. The Board of Trustees will develop, review, and revise policies.

Relationships with the Community and Other Organizations

  1. The Librarian and the Board of Trustees will cooperate with schools, community organizations, and other Libraries to maximize services and resources and minimize duplication of services and resources.
  2. The Friends of the New Haven Community Library is a vital group whose function is to publicize and promote the Library as a community resource and to raise funds. The Librarian and the Board of Trustees will work closely with the Friends in setting fund raising goals and also in the planning and carrying out of programs and activities.

More information is available on the "Your Right to Know" page.