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News from Deborah: March 2019

My heartfelt appreciation to all who made Chocolate Delight Night so fun, so delicious, and so successful, and to the many Friends of the Library who help make this happen!

As we begin to approach our next fundraiser (Spring Book Sale) I would like to throw out a few gentle reminders on donations. Your good will is always appreciated - but please make sure that we can potentially use your donations, rather than having to discard them ourselves.

No torn, mildewed, ripped or stained books, please. We cannot take World Books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc., books that have been highlighted, or textbooks. Also, we cannot re-sell outdated manuals, or otherwise dated materials. A final plea - please make sure that boxes are clean. Boxes with tops are much appreciated for stacking in storage. These guidelines are also outlined on Volunteering & Donations page. Thanks!

Unfortunately, we had to cancel our February program “Starksboro to Sao Paulo”. We will be re-scheduling in March, but as of press time we do not have a final date. We will advertise on FPF, Addy Indy, Facebook, and the board on the green - so stay tuned!

Deborah Lundbech, Director


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Kanopy launched in early December for NHCL patrons!