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Kanopy launched in early December for NHCL patrons!

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News from Deborah: January 2019

We are thrilled to be offering a free streaming service to our patrons! Kanopy launched on December 12th and we are hoping that many of you will access and enjoy the service in the coming months. (At the time of writing, I’ve personally watched a documentary and two films and using the system is very easy!)

Kanopy allows you to watch up to five movies a month for free (it resets on the first of each month.) This streaming service is, in many ways, a complement to Netflix, with more of an emphasis on independent and foreign films, and documentaries. (Thirty thousand titles.) You will need your patron number to enroll on your first use, but only an email and password after that. Full instructions are on the home page of our website. We are so grateful to Jack Devoe and family for helping make this possible. I would also like to express my deep appreciation to Ruth Penfield for contributing her web savvy and creative talents in setting up our access to Kanopy. Thank you, Jack and Ruth!

On January 24th at 7pm I am trying out something I’ve been considering for years. At this point, I have one person also excited about it - we’ll see if we can pull in others! I’d like to try a “Memorized poetry” night. Remember how we all had to memorize a poem in school? Isn’t it still kicking around your brain somewhere? Or perhaps you just loved a poem and set to memorizing it without any prompting. Come and share it with other memorizers. It will be a fun, forgiving atmosphere and there’ll be refreshments to follow! Tragic, hilarious, long, short, moving, beautiful - it’s all good. Hope to see that many of you that night have left your warm homes to brave the cold - just so that you can share your memorized poem/poems and listen to what others have had stuck in their heads for years!

Happy New Year to all!

Deborah Lundbech, Director


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