In accordance with the law of the State of Vermont (Title 22, § 172), employees, trustees and volunteers of the library may not disclose the following library records:

  1. Library patron registration and transaction records and their contents.
  2. Any patron’s name, address, or telephone number.
  3. Whether or not a patron is a registered borrower or has been a patron.
  4. The number, content or character of questions asked by the patron.
  5. The frequency or content of a patron’s lawful visits to the Library.
  6. Any other information about a patron supplied to or gathered by the Library, including information stored electronically.

Records may be released only:

  1. with the written permission of the library patron to whom such records pertain
  2. to officers, employees, volunteers and agents of the library when necessary for library administration
  3. to custodial parents or guardians of patrons under age 16
  4. in response to an authorized judicial order or warrant that shows good cause and is in proper form.

Only the Library Director or a member of the Board of Trustees (in the Director’s absence) is authorized to comply with a request from a law enforcement officer to release library records, and the Director or Trustee must first confer with legal counsel to be certain that the request is in order. Substitutes and volunteers must contact the Director or a member of the Board of Trustees if a such a request is made. All library staff, Trustees and volunteers will be trained to comply with this policy. Each Trustee will have a copy of the procedure to follow, and a copy of this procedure will also be available in the library.

Statistical records pertaining to patronage, circulation and other library services may be released, provided they do not contain names or other personal identifying information.

NOTE: The New Haven Community Library is not a school library, and so is not subject to the regulations pertaining to school libraries.