Public Access to the Internet


In keeping with its mission and goals, the New Haven Community Library provides the community with access to the Internet.

Who May Use the Internet

The Library subscribes to the Library Bill of Rights adopted by the American Library Association and will not restrict an individual’s access to the Internet, regardless of age. The Librarian may, however, limit the length of time any individual spends at a terminal, to ensure equal opportunity of access for everyone.

Rules for Computer Use

Users should review the New Haven Community Library Computer Use Rules, which are included in the Library Policy document, accessible from this website's Your Right to Know page. Copies of the rules are listed below and are also posted in the Library.

1. It is the individual’s responsibility to respect any federal, state or local law governing information access, including but not limited to copyright laws and licensing agreements

2. Patrons may use any software applications that are installed on the computers. (Ex. Excel, PC, Photo Booth, Numbers (Mac))

3. Patrons should make sure that they LOG OUT of all websites they log in to. (Ex. Facebook, email, etc.)

4. Patrons should NOT have the library computers remember passwords.

5. Any damage to the computers or damage and loss of computer related materials will be charged at replacement value to the patron responsible – or to his/her parent or guardian in the case of a minor.

6. Parents and guardians of children are responsible for the appropriate use of the library computers. The New Haven Community Library assumes no responsibility for supervising users who are minors.