Volunteering & Donations


New Haven Community Library's programs and services would not be possible with the generous support of our library volunteers. There are many ways to support the library through volunteer work. Volunteers can elect to help with a variety of jobs and project including reshelving, shelf reading, programming support, collection projects and more.

Interested volunteers are encouraged to fill out an application form and let us know your availability and area of interest for volunteering on Google Forms.

Volunteering doesn't have to be a weekly commitment either! You are welcome to join our email list to get notified for projects and programs that require one-time help.

I look forward to working with you!

Donations (Books & Monetary)

The New Haven Community Library always welcomes gifts of books, new or used, and other materials, but may not be able to accept every item offered because of space limitations. The Library also welcomes memorial and monetary gifts. Thoughtfulness of past donors has greatly contributed to the enhancement of the Library. In keeping with its mission and goals, the Library will handle gifts in the following way:

  • Books and other materials will be given careful consideration before entering them into the collection. If it is determined that the materials are not currently needed for the library’s collection, they will disposed or sold as part of our annual library benefit sale of at the discretion of the librarian.

  • For those who wish to make memorial gifts of books or other materials, the Librarian should be able to provide suggestions of items compatible with the Library’s objectives.

  • In the case of monetary gifts, prospective donors are urged to consult with the Librarian and the Board of Trustees so that current and long-range needs of the Library expressed in the statement of mission and goals will be considered. The New Haven Community Library is a self governing 501(C)(3) organization incorporated under the laws of the state of Vermont.Your gift to the New Haven Community Library is tax deductible as permitted by U.S. law.

Guidelines for Donating Items

Please note: We're requesting patrons limit their book donations to one (1) box at a time so we can make sure we have the space for all our donation inquires. We will post on our Facebook page and website if we have to temporarily stop taking donations for storage reasons.
First, thank you SO much for considering the Library for your material donations! The collection is far richer than it could ever be without the wonderful donations that come in throughout the year. There is truly a remarkably wide range of materials that come in - and selections from that stream do help to make the collection diverse and multi-layered, so donations are truly appreciated.

As always, books that do not currently fit in with the collection are placed into the Friends Book Sale, where they end up enriching the Library in a different way.*

I have a few guidelines that we respectfully ask you to follow:

  • Please make sure that books are brought in in clean boxes. Grit, animal dander and heavy dust are very hard on our allergy prone Librarian! We also cannot accept books that are torn, mildewed or warped.

  • Please limit your donations to three boxes at a time, as it is logistically very challenging to take in a great many boxes at one time.
    (See above)

  • And finally, here are categories that we do not accept: VHS tapes, audio tapes, encyclopedias, World Books (by year), textbooks of any description, tourist brochures, travel guides older than two years, and date specific books, i.e. "Tax Help for 2003."

  • As a final note - - in to the many great fiction and non-fiction books we receive, we are VERY happy to accept DVD and Audio CD donations.

Thank you!

* Although the Friends of NHCL hold book sales in the spring and fall, book donations come in all year and really tend to spike in the months before. Our Director has created the above guidelines for incoming donations to help us better manage these generous gifts.